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Namaste and welcome to my Emotional Wellness site! Here you will find all my programs to help you discover Unconditional Love while you learn to master your emotions. You'll need to sign up for a free account and then you can enroll in a variety of free and paid classes. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you are not sure of which classes you should take, then book yourself in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session and we can talk about your needs and how I can help you.

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Have you been struggling to free yourself from your old shell?

I like to think that we were once caterpillars and we've gone through a powerful metamorphosis that has awakened us to a world in which we have beautiful wings to fly. Sometimes, though, it's not so easy to be that butterfly. Sometimes we feel stuck with a caterpillar's mind, but a butterfly's dreams. My programs are designed to help you break free of the caterpillar mindset and embrace the courage and heart of the Badass Butterfly. Check out my list of classes and programs and see which ones resonate with you.

My name is Crystal Lynn Bell and I follow my heart, the Stars, the Moon, and Woo-woo. My heart has led me on spectacularly romantic adventures around the world and my Spirit Guides have helped me create a prosperous life. My sacred work is to help women find their center of power, authenticity, esteem and Unconditional Love. Although I am highly intuitive and I live by my heart, my Virgo Moon and Aquarius Sun demand structure, organization, and professionalism. You're going to find my programs full of deep healing and hopefully well structured! Hahahaha! My job is to create a safe place for you to heal. Your job is to follow the guidance and above all LET GO. Surrender to the Heart, the Stars, the Moon, and the Woo-woo. Surrender to the Unconditional Love that is all around you.

Let's get to work!

"[Crystal Lynn] and I just finished 6 weeks together and I'm still eager for more. The experience has been incredibly deep and enlightening. I've had eight therapists in my life over the course of 20+ years and I don't think I've ever learned more about myself or felt more resolved. Crystal Lynn is present with me as her client, on top of my unconscious resistance, and overall incredible at helping me evolve past my small mind-made self."

- Josephine Bila, United States

"Since the session, I've definitely noticed a change in my reality and I have a feeling of 'fullness' or 'wholeness' which I have never felt this strongly before. It is like a part of me that was fractured and left behind is now living with me, which is kind of hard for me to describe, but I love it!!

I've only been to work once since doing the process with you, but it seemed like everyone was treating me differently, much more friendlier and accepting, and I was way more outgoing than I normally am. I was able to let some real aspects of my personality show, which is something I have had trouble doing. (I'm usually really shy and scared and nervous to talk to pretty much anyone.) This has also been the case in other interactions I've had outside of work. It's like the way people are treating me has completely shifted."

- C. Wallace, United States

"I woke up from a peaceful sleep after working with Crystal Lynn Bell last night. I am so grateful I got to do the Completion Process with her, it was truly amazing and magical.

One of the most fascinating parts I found was that during that experience which felt traumatic to me as a child, I scattered into so many pieces, and when we were going through the integration process, I saw all my fractured aspects coming back to me. I had some in the mirror as a reflection of myself but broken into tiny pieces, and had a lot of mini me-s hiding in the bathroom where the experience took place, and I was even fractured into an ugly monster, which was identified as my shame, and also a dirty sponge... It was wonderful to hold my inner child and finally be there for her, not judge her for the first time - instead seeing her as a pure, innocent and curious being...
After years and years of condemning myself and my inner child, feeling guilty and ashamed, now I have a new transformed perspective and am able to embrace her more and more.
I am not saying that the work is done, but I can feel that it has been a huge chunk of the problem and I feel so much lighter and powerful at the same time. I reconnected with the purity and innocent curiosity of my inner child, and it's empowering.
Thank you Crystal Lynn for giving me a safe place and guidance.

- Zsuzsanna Somogyi, Founder, The Woman Everyday