Hey, Beloved Badass Butterflies in Training!

Today is January 20th and the Sun moves into Aquarius at 6:55am PST. This means quite a few things!

Practically (for our program) it means that we are going to move from the Capricorn module into the Aquarius module. You have just 48 hours to finish up any unfinished business in the Capricorn module before the module closes for a year. So be sure to complete your work by January 22nd at 6:00am PST.

This also means that we are moving on from our life’s work (Capricorn and the 10th house) and moving into our Inner (Higher) Purpose (Aquarius and the 11th house.) So you can expect our vision to move from being all about our personal, private vision to being more broad and encompassing a larger scale. It’s time to think big and to think about how we can benefit and serve humanity, our community and our tribe. It might be helpful for you to think in terms of circles right now. As you go about your daily life, look at the various circles that revolve around you. Ask yourself, what are my circles and how do I fit in? What role do I play? How can I up the ante on my contributions?

The sign of Aquarius embodies a deep concern for the state of our wellbeing and so you might find yourself making efforts to deepen your connection to the world by coming up with new and innovative ways to help, heal, repair, correct, uplift and improve what you perceive as broken or out of whack. The sign of Aquarius loves humanity and when the Sun moves into this sign, we feel more attached to our love for humanity and we experience an intensifying of our perspectives and our perceptions. So our attachment to our perspectives and perceptions intensifies along with our love for humanity. We love humanity and we can sense a deep concern burning in ourselves for its healing and improvement… from our perspective. So this is where the jailer for Aquarius comes in. Can you take a guess at what it is? Think attachment to our own perspective…

Did you guess intolerance?

You’d be right if you did! The jailer that we’ll be working with to break our hearts free from the prison of unworthiness this month is intolerance. The jailer intolerance is strange sort of fellow because he is so strong and yet so fragile. Intolerance comes from a feeling of being unsafe in the world. And being under the direct influence of Aquarius, it rebels from the feeling of unsafety by establishing a very firm NO to the Universe. So this month, you have to be very careful about how speak and what you're putting out. Aquarians are Master Manifestors so what we put out is very likely to manifest very quickly.

You're gonna need to be on your toes so that you're not manifesting stuff that you don't want. SOOO you're gonna have to be observing yourself very profoundly to know exactly what you are doing on in your mind, in your body, in your emotions and in your Spirit. These four different parts of the self can be manifesting four different things. Your Spirit is easy because you can just assume that your Soul is going to carry out its Sacred Agenda whether your earthly human self wants it or not. You can tune in and get clues about what your Soul is doing, but you don't influence that directly. You influence your Soul's Agenda by raising or lowering your vibration, by either being in the flow of what's happening or fighting what's happening. But in your mind, body and emotions, you have much more work to do. What are you manifesting in your mind, in your body and in your emotions? They should all be pointing in the same direction and if not, then you need to get them turned around. Also, you need to make sure that they are all pointing in the direction that you want! Is your mind thinking, hey, I want lots of money, but your subconscious mind is thinking, I don't deserve money? Is your body moving sluggishly? Are you bloated and blocked and in your body you feel phlegmy and stuck? That's not an environment for rocking money, abundance and prosperity! Do you see how your body, mind and energy are all doing different things? Yeah. This is what you have to be really, really careful of right now. Because Aquarius is a super powerful manifestor, you're likely to see rapid affirmations of everything you think, feel and experience.

Your job this month is to practice aligning your mind, body and emotions with your greatest potential so that you can manifest powerfully. You have to get control of your thoughts and your way of thinking. You can do work to change your unworthiness mindset! With your emotions, your job is to be aware of your needs and to address those needs with compassion, wisdom and patience. Like a mother is in tune with the needs of her baby, you have to be vigilant and watchful, listening and attentive to the subtle tremors in your energy. Being present in your body and paying attention to the stirrings there will help you know what's going on internally. Do some work to purify and nourish your body. Tone it. Stretch it. Get it out of its comfort zone and grow it.

And of course, that's what this Jailbreak Your Heart & Howl at the Moon program is all about. I'm helping you become aware of the opportunities that are present so that you can manifest your dreams and heal your Shadow.

So as the Sun settles into Aquarius, the Universe is sending you opportunities to grow and expand by pushing you out of your comfort zone. Your job over the next 30 days is to say, YES to those opportunities, even though intolerance and his minions are going to make you want to say, NO! Intolerance cannot tolerate what is in front of him and so he must change it. Intolerance does not do the work to change himself. Meaning, he does not do the work to deepen his connection to God/Goddess/Source of All, which would insure his safety. Instead, he pushes away what is in front of him and will only rest when the situation has been fixed according to his perception and perspective. When we are intolerant, we are attached to our own perceptions and perspectives and we rebel against what makes us uncomfortable or scares us. With intolerance, we become unwilling to accept our role as co-creators with the Universe, we refuse to accept our natural, Divine Union with the thing that bugs us, and we refuse to be at one with it. This causes us to put up intense defenses, as we feel under threat from the thing that has triggered us. So instead of expanding into the powerful expansive perspective that comes along with Aquarius, we instead find ourselves contracting into a smaller and smaller place in the world.

The sign of Aquarius is calling us out of hiding and inviting us to view ourselves more significantly in the grand scheme of the world. It invites us to feel connected to life through our community. But our challenge is to recognize how the jailer Intolerance is functioning in our lives. It is up to us to dig deep into our psyche to see how large our concept of ‘community’ is. Is our community as wide as our neighborhood? Is this the zone where we feel safe, connected and belonging? Or does our sense of community encompass the globe, so that no matter where we go, we are always safe in the home of our heart?

These are all the wonderful concepts that we are going to be exploring from January 20th through February 18th.

So here’s what I want you to do. I want to get this party started on a powerful note. So I want you to first read my article titled, “Why you might just feel like crap right now,” and then I want you to hop into the Jailbreak Your Heart & Howl at the Moon course curriculum to get started on “Your Beloved Caterpillar Story for Sun in Aquarius.” You’ll always start the Sun transit with this form because it’s going to help you understand what you need to transform.

Ooooh! And try to get that form done asap, because guess what? The New Moon rises in Aquarius on January 24th at 1:42pm PST. This means that you’ve got a New Moon Ritual, a New Moon worksheet for manifestation and of course, the New Moon in Aquarius Livestream on January 23rd at 5:00am PST. By the way, all these dates are included in the Sun, Moon & Livestream Calendar. You can find this in the program curriculum under the Let’s Get Started module. If you haven’t already done so, mark your calendar with these super important events.

AND did you know that this program comes with LIVE coaching sessions? Yeah! I’m about to put those on the books and will let you know how to participate. Keep your eyes open for email with all the details!

Okay. So I’m going to wrap up this missive and let you tuck into the work. I hope that you are excited about this upcoming module. It is a powerful one! Okay, look. All of these modules are powerful because we are diving deep and healing at our core. Let’s just say that when you heal this jailer, you’re going to feel more connected and your thinking is going to expand exponentially. That’s a big fucking deal, eh?

Big hug,

Crystal Lynn