The sign of Taurus occupies the 2nd constellation of stars and it makes up what is called the second house of the zodiac. This life sector governs your possessions, your income and it is the backdrop for your earthly purpose. Our purpose drives our beliefs, our actions and our manifestations. Now is the time for you to take action on YOUR dreams. Taurus can help you do it, if you are willing to get clear about your purpose. Living life purposefully is the key to being a master manifestor. Purpose is the driving force behind all the powerful manifestations that excite us. Purpose is the key to accomplishing your goals and feeling excited about waking up in the morning. Our purpose influences what has value for us in both the short- and long-run. What we value influences our choice of the things we make our possessions.

I am very aware that many of my readers are not stepping fully into their power because they lack a powerful connection to their Purpose AND they don’t understand that money follows Purpose as a natural extension in the 3-d world. This Sun and Moon are creating a doorway for all of us to enter a new level of existence—one where we develop a relationship with Purpose and allow it to bolster our energy, bolster our confidence, enhance our focus, fuel our drive and launch us into a vision of ourselves in the world that we never could have seen before because our perspective was too narrow, to rigid and just plain old small. Along with this awakening drive comes money because money follows purpose naturally.

Purpose is like a missile heading for a target and all the particles get caught up in its momentum, which leads to greater impact when the target is struck.

For this New Moon in Taurus phase, I want you to simply write out what you think might be your purpose in a few basic areas of your life. You can create purpose around any area of your life that you feel you need to have more direction. When I tuned in for myself, I realized that I wanted to have more purpose around my spirituality, more purpose in my social interactions and more purpose around living my greatest potential. Here are the things I came up with for myself:

“My Spiritual Purpose is humility-- to walk in this world and to have my mind constantly focused on the Unconditional Love of God—to never lose the awareness of my connection to the Divine and to build my whole existence on this Truth.”

“My purpose socially is to connect profoundly with the people around me… I am here to be present with my friends and to express myself authentically—letting myself be seen, allowing myself to trust that my vulnerability is an asset and not a flaw, and to uphold this space of truth for my beloved posse to do the same.”

“My purpose materially is to live life to the fullest and express my greatest potential in every moment. This begins with my ability to trust in myself and the Universe. I am here to say, “Yes,” to all the visions for a better world that my heart sends me. My purpose is to trust my heart and trust that I am fully capable of carrying out the will of God as expressed through me.”

This process of thinking about purpose is not so easy in the beginning. At first, I thought that having goals meant that I had purpose, but actually goals are birthed from purpose. And I have found that it’s a helluvalot easier to obtain my goals when there is purpose driving them. Interestingly, since becoming more purpose driven, I have found myself working more efficiently and making healthier (more rewarding) choices around food, exercise, and time management. I’m also noticing that instant gratification is less of a driving force because it does not serve my primary purpose. Things that harm me are falling away without much effort.

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