The Opportunity of Gemini and the 3rd House

Please keep in mind that this is an abbreviated version of the report and that you can get the whole report on my blog. This is an important Sun transit we're coming to so preparation is key to thriving it.

Gemini and the Third House are ruled by Mercury, the swiftly moving planet closest to the Sun. The Roman god Mercury was the messenger wearing a winged hat and winged sandals, responsible for delivering all things that moved— communication, transportation, trade and commerce, as well as, messages, ideas, and dreams. Mercury was even responsible for escorting the spirit of the dead into the afterlife, and expediting communications between the gods and humans.

While the Sun and New Moon are laying over in Gemini, the influences of Mercury and the third house are working to evolve you at the mental level. Remember that the Sun represents our masculine, outward authority (like our actions and decisions) and the Moon represents our feminine, inward authority (like our creativity and power to birth.) Because Mercury is close to the Sun, during this month long Sun transit, I want you to keep your eyes on the things that are in close proximity to you. This is a period of expressing your authority in relationship to close things at the level of

  • Emotions
  • Physicality
  • Intellect
  • Spirit

For example, during this transit, you can:

  1. Explore your emotional relationship with your immediate environment— pay attention to how your neighborhood makes your feel and what thoughts arise as you move about. Are you a part of its natural hum, contributing to its rhythm? Or does it make you feel stuck, like you are somehow a stranger? Are your thoughts enlightened when you’re out, or are they heavy?
  2. Explore your relationship with your own personal physical body and its movement. Are you exuberant in your body, light and free? Or hindered by tight muscles and rigid joints? (Ugh! My knees hurt just thinking about it!)
  3. Shed the light of awareness on how your mind is functioning. The Jailer for this transit is Limitation, so you can bet that any areas of limited thinking and limiting beliefs will be brought to your awareness for contemplation, healing and correction, if necessary.
  4. Bring awareness to your relationship with Spirit or energy. This is a great time to check on your relationship with your Higher Self, your Soul and your ego. In my Facebook group for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs (which you are invited to join,) we’re doing a program I designed to help them build a deep, meaningful relationship with these different parts of themselves. As Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, it’s their job to be in touch with their heart and to love themselves AND give birth to their entrepreneurial endeavors! So having a deep relationship with their Higher Self, their Soul and the ego is an imperative. While the Sun and New Moon are in Gemini, this intimacy will be heightened.

Alright, Friend! This is plenty to get the ball rolling! Remember that herbalist Mayra Navarro and I have the LIVE New Moon in Gemini Manifesting with Sacred Herbs Ritual on Friday, May 22nd at 9:30am PST. I hope you can join us!

Have a wonderful week. Happy Sun & New Moon in Gemini!