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Hey there, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur! Be sure to join me for my Healing the Healer course where I’ll be teaching you all about shadow work and giving you some powerful tools to take care of yourself so you can better serve your tribe. I look forward to meeting you!

Many heart-centered people work jobs or do business because they have a passion for what they do. In reality, very few of these folks are in their work solely for the money. Even when these people who complain now and then about their jobs keep doing them because they naturally like being of service. It's especially true when you are an entrepreneur or you are self-employed.

Money Focused or Feeling Focused?

Some people are money-oriented. They prefer aggressive promotions and sales techniques. They set high financial goals and measure success with how much they achieve financially. Gain and profit are at the center of their business. There is nothing wrong with this because they are very good at what they do and they are quite successful at it, too.

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Some people prefer a different approach with less focus on profit. They prefer a more personal and emotional touch. They are Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs. They measure success with how much good they have done for others and how they have enriched other people's lives. They improve their own lives by fixing other people's lives. Here are a few examples of Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs: a health coach, a spiritual life coach, a yoga instructor, a reiki practitioner, a crystal healer, an aromatherapist. These are healing artists, in a sense. But painters, designers, architects, musicians, writers and actors can also be Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs. And guess what? So can doctors, hoteliers, retailers, tea-makers and Uber drivers. Anyone who leads and makes choices from their heart; anyone who focuses on service and quality over profit; anyone who knows that money follows energy is a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur.

Hobby or Business?

Hobbies can be side projects. You do them because they enrich your life, and if the work brings you a few bucks extra here and there-- even better! If you stopped your hobby, it wouldn't hurt you financially. Most people don't make any income from their hobbies. They simply like it and don't expect anything in return, but if they get a little something from it, it is great. And of course, if you quit your hobby, your financial situation wouldn't be negatively impacted.

Once your dream becomes your full-time job, whether it makes you rich or not, the minute you start getting paid and especially if it becomes your main source of income, it is your business. It might not be a traditional 9 to 5 job. You might not need an office for it or you might not even be limited to a particular location! But if it’s taking your focus and there’s potential for earning income, take it seriously because it can at the very least help you survive, if not thrive!

Self-Efficacy and the Heart-Centered Business

A Heart-Centered Entrepreneur isn’t likely starting a business for the same reasons as other entrepreneurs. Personally, I have found that most Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs are starting businesses because they are pursuing an act of service or they’re creating art, and the business provides the vehicle to get the offering to people. So service comes first and the business supports the art. Doing what you love, helping people by helping the world to be a better place and as a result, having a financially efficient life is a dream come true, though! A Heart-Centered Entrepreneur has to know how to focus on their goal while looking inward, without giving in too much to the external pressures. It requires a lot of self-discipline and motivation. But most importantly, it requires that they have confidence and believe in themselves. Self-efficacy is a form of confidence and the welcoming of your greatest potential.

Self-efficacy is not about your financial worth, or how good your image is. Self-efficacy is all about believing in yourself and your abilities. It is about your confidence in overcoming hardship, unblocking your inner strength, getting rid of your limiting beliefs. You believe in success, and you have the tools to achieve it.

  • You want to start a digital download business of your graphic designs or photographs. However, you don't know enough about how to set an online shop or to use online platforms to display your art so you can start making sales. Even though you don't know the ins and outs of this topic, you have enough trust and confidence in yourself that you can learn the ways and get started. BOOM! Self-efficacy in action!
  • Your current business gets hit by an unexpected economic crisis, and you turn around and create different sources of income using your other talents.
  • You are an accountant, the company you work for decides to downsize and lets some employees go. You are one of them. You have good language skills. You find an online teaching job helping Chinese professionals get proficient in English.
  • You work as a bartender, but the bars where you work get shut down because of Covid-19 policies. You are great with people, have compassion and you make mad-delicious cocktails. You decide to start a blog and Youtube channel teaching folks how to make fantastic cocktails on a shoe-string budget.

Self-efficacy requires tenacity, determination and the resourcefulness to dip and adjust to the changing times. With this being said, there are some negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur must deal with. These negative attitudes will flow down into your endeavors and have a huge impact on the growth of your business.

The Impact of Negative Thinking on Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

One of the biggest reasons why Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs battle with negative thought patterns is money. However, it is not only about how much money they make! A lot of it is about ethical issues and questions of personal guilt. Negative thinking that comes from unresolved emotional conflicts can hurt the future of your business, as well as, set you up mentally and emotionally for failure. Think mental stuckness. It’s really hard to move forward when you have unresolved emotional issues. Here are some common negative habits Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs deal with:

  1. Feeling embarrassed and ashamed around pricing. When you are in business to help people get better, feel better, become better, you feel embarrassed to put a price on it. It feels unethical, it feels as though you are taking advantage of their weaknesses. But don't you pay to see a doctor? Don't you pay to see a therapist? People see doctors and therapists because they have a physical or psychological problem. And they know they have to pay to get it fixed. It is what they expect when they book an appointment. The same is true for your business. People have a specific problem, and you offer a solution to their problem. You spend time and effort to tailor this solution according to their needs. Why do you think you don't deserve money for it?
  2. You don't believe in yourself. You want to help people solve their problems. Maybe they want to get rid of their bad habits, maybe they are dealing with low self-esteem, maybe they want to reach a higher spiritual level, or they need the motivation to reach their goals. You also look into your own life and reflect on your problems. It feels strange to claim you can map out strategies for others when your life is not perfect. Then you start doubting your abilities and potential. You feel like a fraud. Why should anyone pay attention to what you have to offer? If we follow this logic, doctors should never get sick, the therapist should be psychologically perfect, IT specialists should never have computer problems that they can't easily solve... You see, all you need to do is change your perspective and accept that it is OK to have personal problems. It doesn't mean you don't have the tools to fix them.
  3. You over-criticize yourself. When you don't achieve a desirable outcome, when your cash flow is low or non-existent, when you receive negative feedback from others, you start thinking negatively of yourself and feel like everything is your fault because you couldn't make things right. What you need to do instead, is to change your perspective, learn from your mistakes, and count them as valuable experiences. We all grow with our mistakes. You are enough, and you have the resilience within.
  4. You focus too much on your competitors. Competition is healthy and necessary to some degree. It keeps us awake, leads us to explore and learn more about our field, it keeps us up to date. However, it becomes unhealthy when you spend too much time and energy on what others are doing, trying to offer the same things, maybe at a lower cost just to get more business. Remember that what sets you apart from others is your honesty, authenticity, and creativity. Keep an eye on your competitors, and creatively use this information by developing your approach, your brand, your methods. There is only one you. You are unique. What you have to offer is also unique.
  5. You are a perfectionist. All people who describe themselves as perfectionists suffer from fear of failure. This limiting belief paves the way for procrastination and loss of motivation. If you keep tweaking your product, without learning to let go and let it be, the perfect time to launch a product or start a new service or start a new venture will never be right. Of course, you have to plan your business thoroughly, of course, you have to think about all sorts of advantages and disadvantages. However, there is a time when you need to say this is good enough, and I am ready. You have to find the courage to take the first step and understand that you can never foresee everything. There will be unexpected issues, there will be roadblocks, but you will deal with them as they come.
  6. You see promotion and marketing from a negative perspective. In a perfect world, it would be great if we didn't have to do the dirty work. Promotion and marketing feel shallow and fake to some heart-centered business owners. Sometimes you forget that the reason why you started this business was to make a living. How will you get clients? How will you make them discover you? Millions of businesses get buried in the deep dark corners of the internet. A website full of amazing content. They never promoted it, maybe they didn't do enough SEO (search engine optimization) to get better rankings. And so it sinks further down in the search results and no one knows it even exists. Without promotion and marketing, you will never reach your ideal audience. Aggressive promotion and marketing can be a turnoff, but a well-thought marketing strategy can save you a lot of heartaches.
  7. You can't figure out your message. If you haven't done enough research on niches, and if you are trying to appeal to a lot of people instead of a specific group of people, you will have a hard time creating and developing the right message. This can cause anxiety, stress, and loss of motivation. Get clear about your message. You can't help everyone. Surely there is one category in which you feel stronger. Focus on this category. You might have an interest in a wide variety of things in your field, but choose one area of specialization.

Subconscious feelings of inadequacy need to be dealt with if you want to level up your game. In my article, 9 Steps to Transform Your Limiting Self-Perception: How “I Can’t” is Hiding in Your Psyche and Sabotaging Your Ability to Level-Up, I give you a powerful exercise to help you shift your relationship with self-efficacy. Go check it out and seriously, if you are a healer or a spiritual life coach and you need some help with your business, talk to me. I offer a complimentary Discovery Session because I love my work and my gosh, I have SO MUCH EXPERIENCE! I am happy to help you. Book yourself in and share your vision with me!

Leaving these problems unsolved will have negative impacts on your business. Many people give up because they don't reflect inward to see the source of these limiting thoughts and feelings. Some give up because being the business they were pursuing was not what they truly desired to begin with. Some give up because they put all their energy into blindly focusing on them without the intention nor the motivation of solving them. This might be due to a lack of self-confidence, fear of failure, and being afraid of the unknown. But you can be different, and you can create a difference. Because you know you deserve it!

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