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Just a quick note before we tuck into the article... The feeling of unworthiness is at the root of many problems we Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs face. If you really want to do some serious work around healing unworthiness and the dark parts of your subconscious mind, then I invite you to join me in my free Masterclass called Healing the Healer: 3 Powerful Tools for Healing, Transformation and Self-Realization. In this three week program, I and three other powerful healers bring you some serious insights to the roots of unworthiness, shadow work and some powerful tools to overcome them.

Does the following sound like you? You want to achieve success and make more money, but you have a fear of success, fear of failure. You are afraid of change and worst of all, you feel a deep sense of unworthiness. Whether consciously or subconsciously, you don't believe you have what it takes to become a better person, to be more successful in life, and to live the life that you deserve. You want a flow of energy in your life where there will be no scarcity. You don't want to live under constant stress, not knowing what tomorrow holds. You want to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow. You want to make your plans and set your goals and be strong enough to work for them.

EFT Tapping Therapy to Boost Your Self-Esteem

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It was developed by Gary Craig as an emotional healing tool to improve physical and emotional pain, as well as, your work performance. When we have physical problems, there are almost always emotional issues lying underneath. These emotional blockages create an unhealthy imbalance in our system and disrupt the flow of energy through our bodies. EFT tapping therapy is not an alternative to traditional medicine or psychotherapy. It is a complementary therapy that can be applied alongside traditional therapy methods. As a certified Spiritual Life Coach, I use it personally, and I recommend it to my clients.

Tapping specific spots on the body can help restore the energy balance and treat physical pain. There are important points in the body called the meridian points which EFT focuses on. Similar to acupuncture therapy, EFT uses these tapping points to treat the client. The difference between acupuncture and EFT is that the former uses needles and the latter uses fingertips to apply pressure on these points, therefore EFT is painless.

There is not a single human being on this planet that hasn't, at some point or another in their life, felt unworthy. This feeling of unworthiness is sometimes so strong that we are consciously aware of it, every single minute. Sometimes this feeling can be sneaky, it can be hiding in the depths of your unconscious mind, blocking you from reaching your goals without you even noticing. If any of these statements resonate with you, then EFT will be beneficial for you to implement in your life.

Why Do People Feel Unworthy?

There are many reasons. It can be tied to an experience that was traumatic. It can be tied to being in an abusive relationship. It can be due to a health problem that physically limits you or affects your appearance, making you feel self-conscious each time you are in public. Whatever the reason may be, from the richest person on the planet to the poorest, every single human being experiences it. When people live with this negative mindset, they often think that they don't deserve what they have, and that they don't deserve to have anything better than what they do have. They feel a sense of guilt, thinking it is their fault. They don't feel smart enough to achieve success as others do. They feel like they aren't worthy of healing, feeling better, feeling balanced. They have other top priorities that are most of the time more materialistic, like they need to work harder, they need to make more money, they need to finish a project... but what they don't know is that the list will never grow shorter when they stay in this mindset. It will keep getting longer. Sometimes they don't even realize how much harm they are causing themselves by letting these thoughts control them day in and day out.

Performing the Tapping Technique

Before you start this process, identify your problem. What is it that gives you the feeling of unworthiness? You have to also think about how painful it is for you. It is similar to identifying the physical pain level. Give it a number from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Create a phrase that will enable you to accept yourself no matter what. Combine it with a positive affirmation for self-love and worthiness. For instance, if you are feeling unworthy because you think you are not successful at your job and you are not making enough money, you can say something like "Even though I don't feel successful at my job because I don't make enough money" then combine it with this positive affirmation "I love myself unconditionally and I accept myself with all my flaws." If you are not familiar with positive affirmations, here are some examples you can use during your tapping session:

  • I choose me no matter what.
  • I am worthy of infinite love and compassion.
  • I am at peace with myself.
  • I am beautiful inside out.
  • I have the inner strength and resilience that I need.
  • I am powerful and capable of achieving my goals.

The Tapping Points

The energy lines in our bodies are called the meridian points. These points have been used in acupuncture therapy and other eastern massage techniques for centuries. There are 12 main meridian points in our bodies:

  • Lung
  • Large intestine
  • Stomach
  • Spleen
  • Heart
  • Small intestine
  • Bladder
  • Kidney
  • Pericardium
  • Triple heater
  • Gallbladder
  • Liver

As you may have noticed, each of these points represents an organ in the body. In addition to these organ based points, there are eight points that work with the main meridians. These additional points help with the flow of CHI, life energy. These points are:

  • Conception Vessel
  • Governor Vessel
  • Penetrating Vessel
  • Thoroughfare Vessel
  • Girdling Vessel
  • Yin link and Yang link vessel
  • Yin heel and Yang heel vessel

These tapping points strengthen the connection between the twelve main meridians. They improve blood and energy circulation.

Tapping Sequence for the Feeling of Unworthiness

Follow these steps:

  1. Tap the outer side of your hand and say something to the degree of "even though I feel unworthy because I can't make any progress, I completely love and accept myself.”
  2. Keep tapping the same point and say "even though I don't want to (do whatever it is that you don't want to do) I am fine with it, I honor myself.”
  3. Keep tapping the same spot and say "even though I am not good enough, I still love and respect myself."
  4. Now tap with your fingertips between your eyebrows and say "I am not worthy."
  5. Tap your temples and say "I am not an achiever."
  6. Tap under your eyes and say "Unworthy."
  7. Tap under your nose and say "I keep trying."
  8. Tap under your mouth and say "But I don't have enough knowledge."
  9. Tap on your collar bone and say "I am not experienced enough."
  10. Tap under your arm right below your armpit and say "I don't have enough resources."
  11. Tap the top of your head and say "Life is unfair."
  12. Tap between your eyebrows and say "It's never easy for me."
  13. Tap your temples and say "I always have obstacles."
  14. Tap under your eye and say "I am not good enough."
  15. Tap under your nose and say "I am not good enough for this."
  16. Tap under your mouth and say "Even though I want to succeed, I don't feel good about it."
  17. Tap on your collarbone and say "I don't matter."
  18. Tap under your arm and say "Nothing comes easy to me."
  19. Tap on the top of your head and say "I don't feel good enough."
  20. Tap between your eyebrows and say "I'm not worthy."
  21. Tap on your temples and say "I'm unworthy."
  22. Tap under your eyes and say "I'm not good enough."
  23. Tap under your nose and say "I'm not worthy."
  24. Tap under your mouth and say "I'm not good enough."
  25. Tap on your collar bone and say "I don't have a good life."
  26. Tap under our arm and say "I don't matter."
  27. Tap on the top of your head and say "I don't deserve better."
  28. Between your eyebrows "I keep telling myself I'm not worthy."
  29. On your temples "I'm not worthy."
  30. Under your eyes "I keep tapping myself because I'm not worthy."
  31. Under your nose "I'm not worthy."
  32. Under your mouth "I'm unworthy."
  33. On your collar bone, "I'm unworthy."
  34. Under your arm "I'm not worthy."
  35. On the top of your head "If I keep telling myself I'm not worthy."
  36. Between your eyebrows "How could others think I'm worthy?"
  37. On your temples "This is the truth."
  38. Under your eyes "But I'm just like anyone else."
  39. Under your nose "I'm not any different."
  40. Under your mouth "It's OK to feel down."
  41. On your collar bone "It's OK to feel frustrated."
  42. Under your arm "These are just temporary feelings."
  43. On the top of your head "I'm good enough."
  44. Between your eyebrows "I want this."
  45. On your temples "I have the desire to improve things."
  46. Under your eyes "I have the desire to succeed."
  47. Under your nose "How would my life be different if I were worthy."
  48. Under your mouth "What would it feel like to be worthy?"
  49. On your collar bone "I am good enough."
  50. Under your arm "I want this."
  51. On the top of your head "I have been doing this to myself for a very long time."
  52. Between your eyebrows "But it's wrong."
  53. Under your eyes "I was wrong."
  54. Under your nose "Because I am worthy."
  55. Under your mouth "I am worthy."
  56. On your collar bone "I am good enough."
  57. Under your arm "My life can be different."
  58. On the top of your head "I am worthy."

Now take a deep breath, relax, and let go. Observe how you feel. You can change the sentences to fit your specific needs. If you don't feel good enough, you can repeat this sequence one more time, or just relax, and give it a try later. The more you repeat the negative sentences, the emptier the words will become. And the repeating circle will enable you to dig deeper into the real source of how you started feeling bad about yourself, what brought you there. This is a giant step toward beating the negative self-talk.

And finally, if you really want to do some serious work around healing the dark parts of your subconscious mind, then I invite you to join me in my free Masterclass called Healing the Healer: 3 Powerful Tools for Healing, Transformation and Self-Realization. I look forward to meeting you there!

Now, go out there and tap away the unworthiness!

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