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Jailbreak Your Heart from the Prison of Unworthiness

How Do Spiritual Life Coaches Make Money?

Greetings from a chilly California! I am totally missing my Italian spring, friend. So imagine my delight at finding these videos I made last year in summer. It was a totally different world back then! Anyway, I hope the information I’m giving in these videos is helping you move closer to your...


Happy Full Moon in Leo! Are you owning your magnificence?

I was at the dog park with my magnificent little doggy and we were having a good time. It was quiet because there were no other doggies, but then a cutie pie little Australian Shepherd showed up and she and Apollo ran and played together. She was 10 months old with a lovely spotted coat and one...


Sun and New Moon in Aquarius: Opportunities for Big Vision, New Friendships and Connection to Your Genius

Life Sector: Friendship, Tribe, World Community, Divine Inner Purpose Keywords Hope and optimism ⋅☆⋅ Belonging in society ⋅☆⋅ Your place in the world ⋅☆⋅ Balanced giving and receiving ⋅☆⋅ Your hopes and desires ⋅☆⋅ Beyond tolerance ⋅☆⋅ Integration ⋅☆⋅ BIG THINKING ⋅☆⋅ Your relationship with...


Sun Transit: Capricorn to Aquarius

Hey, Beloved Badass Butterflies in Training! Today is January 20th and the Sun moves into Aquarius at 6:55am PST. This means quite a few things! Practically (for our program) it means that we are going to move from the Capricorn module into the Aquarius module. You have just 48 hours to...


8 (Fixable) Ways to Know if You're a Spiritual Fraud

Are You a Spiritual Fraud? Fraudulence is defined as being obtained by deception and taking credit for accomplishments that you haven’t earned. It’s about having something that you don’t really deserve. Energetically, having something you don’t really deserve means that you don’t really have...