Jailbreak Your Heart & Howl at the Moon

Escape the prison of unworthiness! Transform your mindset, stop negative thinking and awaken your inner Badass Butterfly using the Moon and Sun as your guides!

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Please book yourself in for a complimentary Discovery Session. During this 30 minute session, we'll discuss your relationship with unworthiness and your Badass Butterfly dreams. This session is absolutely free and there is no obligation to participate in the program. Really, it's just important for me to connect with other Badass Butterflies, so it's my pleasure to speak with you!

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Welcome to a new life, Badass-Butterfly-in-Training!

There are a lot of us who yearn to be Badass Butterflies but we find ourselves stuck in the cocoon stage of our development. We fight to break free, but for some reason, we can't seem to get out, no matter how much we struggle. Our cocoon has become a prison... a prison of unworthiness.

Unworthiness is a powerful mindset that makes you believe you are somehow limited. It fills your mind with negative thoughts, makes you feel helpless, inadequate and lacking; and most importantly, you make decisions for your life that reflect your inner state of unworthiness.

In other words, you believe, think and feel unworthiness-- and then you make decisions that reflect this unworthiness.

And of course, this Law of Attraction Universe and the three-dimensional world must reflect to you the sum of your thoughts, your focus, your beliefs and your decisions.

The Badass Butterfly Soul-ution...

Jailbreak Your Heart and Howl at the Moon will lovingly guide you through the internal work you MUST do in order to give birth to your inner Badass Butterfly and manifest your heart's desires.

I am inviting you to join me on this profound healing journey that promises to help free your Badass Butterfly from the limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and disempowered emotions that keep it locked in the prison of unworthiness.

This is a supportive coaching program that uses the natural phases of the Moon and the Sun to guide you through a complete overhaul of your mind, your emotions, your body and Soul.

This is a one year program that is meant to completely overhaul your life. Why did I create the program in this way? Because Spirit said it's necessary.

I am watching waaaaaay too many of my sisters with big desires just survive. They have false belief systems that have nothing to do with the truth of who they are. They are using all the popular "spiritual" terms but they are NOT walking the talk.

  • They believe in lack and they make decisions based on it.
  • They think small and they make decisions from small thinking.
  • They don't trust there intuition and so they are ruled by fear.
  • They love conditionally (especially themselves.)
  • They lack self-compassion.
  • They look for validation outside of themselves.
  • They are people-pleasers trying to make sure that other people don't suffer, but not realizing that this is not their responsibility. They have let themselves become enablers of co-dependency.
  • They avoid the dark emotions. They try to think positively when instead they need to stop thinking altogether. "Oh, I shouldn't feel this way!" Yeah, you should. You should feel it and be with it and honor it and then you need to let it go.
  • They don't know how to let stuff go. They don't know how to surrender.
  • They love to talk about how 'we are spirits having a human experience' but they don't give nearly enough power to the 'spirit' part. They think the 'human' part is real and the 'spirit' part is magic, when actually it's the other way around. The human part is an illusion and the Spirit part is Reality.

Look, I could go on with this list of why my butterflies are NOT truly Badass even though they want to be. What it comes down to is this: Badass Butterflies walk the talk. We are NOT stuck in the cocoon 'trying' but DOING. I created this program to help anyone who is 'trying' to thrive, 'trying' to create, 'trying to trust,' but not actually doing it because they are stuck.

And yes, you need a year. Actually, you need more than that, but this program is going to help you with one year.

Here's how the program works:

You work with me in a small group coaching session every week. Over the course a one month period, we are going to work on one area of your life where you are a victim of unworthiness. You can read all about my philosophy of unworthiness below. It's a REALLY important hidden killer of your Badassery so be sure to pay attention to the text on the rest of this page.

During the month, I am going to be taking you through a program that involves:

  • Purification and Release (Purging yourself of stuff that doesn't serve you-- old emotions, mindsets, memories... even weight, habits and relationships. You CANNOT fly with a bunch of old baggage holding you down. And honestly, you can't even see the walls of your prison when you have so much junk distracting you from the truth.)
  • Shadow Work (This is when we use our mind to consciously explore our dark parts. There are a serious of exercises that are actually kinda fun although they're painful. I'll teach you how to do them and you can use them whenever you get triggered.)
  • Healing (I deliver this in a number of ways-- Reiki, Chakra work, Angelic Work, Inner Child Work and other energy modalities.)
  • Meditation, Prayer and Spirit Guide Work (You gotta be connected consistently with your Spirit Guides. This is going to help you stay sane while you are doing the deep emotional healing work.)
  • Changing Your Consciousness (If unworthiness has hold of your mind, we have to jailbreak you. This means that you can no longer have a consciousness of lack, abandonment, doubt, fear or shame. If you are going to be a Badass Butterfly, you MUST KNOW that the Universe has your back, that you are not alone, you have no need for fear and that you are worthy. But you can't just think this occasionally when the wind is blowing in the right direction. Your knowing can't be just conditional. It has to be Unconditional Knowing of Your Divinity. This requires a change in consciousness from unworthy to Badass otherwise it just deteriorates into 'positive thinking,' which is bogus. We don't just pull positive thinking out of a box and start wearing it like a hat. My process will have you think positively by discharging the negative emotions that are stuck and correcting the parts of your mind that are misguided.)

We are going to use the Sun and the Moon as our guides in this journey because their movement across the heavens activates healing and manifestation in us. It's my job as the astrologer to facilitate this so you just have to show up ready to receive energy and apply the healing.


To enroll in Jailbreak Your Heart and Howl at the Moon:

You can continue reading to learn more about the program curriculum and my Badass Butterfly Philosophy below or you can book in to talk to me first-hand. This initial conversation is important for helping you have the clarity you need to make a good decision. I can't wait to talk to you!


The Prison of Unworthiness

I need to talk to you a little more about the prison of unworthiness.

The thing to remember is that all of this unworthiness begins in your mind. So your mind becomes a prison of unworthiness that blocks your Soul’s creative juices. Your Soul lives in your heart and it is like a Badass Butterfly that wants to spread its magnificent wings and live out it greatest potential. But if you’ve given your mind over to unworthiness, then you’ve essentially locked away all your power to attract and deliver your Soul’s Higher Purpose.

Every time your unworthy beliefs trigger, and you fuel those beliefs by thinking unworthy thoughts, you start to feel unworthy feelings and emotions. This then makes you fearful to reach toward something powerful, so instead, you make decisions based on unworthiness. This then leads you to taking unworthy actions.

Do you see how you can easily become all about unworthiness?? And the thing is, this is all happening subconsciously, Lovely. You don't necessarily even recognize that its happening. It has become second-nature to you and you are totally in its clutches.

The more unaware you remain, the more you are reinforcing the walls of your heart's prison cell making it harder and harder to express the magnificence of your Badass Butterfly. Pretty soon, the walls of your prison are so thick that your heart can't do its job of calling in what you want. And even if it did call in what you want, you wouldn’t even recognize it because you choose to see your life through the eyes of unworthiness. You’ve given all your power and authority to something that is not true, limits you and makes life very difficult.

So your beautiful Soul, your Badass Butterfly, is not the ruler of your life making your decisions, but unworthiness is.

The 12 Prison Guards of Unworthiness

How do you know if you're suffering from unworthiness?

So, Beloved Badass Butterfly, are you out in the world flying high and free, following your heart, using your intuition and manifesting like a Badass?

Or are you aware of your inner Badass Butterfly, but you feel like you're having trouble making your following your heart, heeding your intuition and making your dreams real?

Or maybe you are just miserable, feeling stuck, manifesting the same situations over and over again...

Don't worry if the latter ones are true. Your struggle has served to make your wings stronger so that once you have broken free, you will have gorgeous, Badass wings that are full of compassion. Maybe you'll even use those old wounds to help other people heal.

Because my program uses the Moon phases for healing and manifesting, you can explore these12 sure-fire ways to recognize if unworthiness is influencing your life. These are the 12 jailers that are keeping you in the prison of unworthiness. They are essentially the servants of unworthiness.

  • Fear. You find that fear accompanies you often or regularly stops by for a visit. For example, when you think of moving into a better situation at work, in relationship or even doing something for yourself on any level, you feel fear or anxiety well up within you. If you sense some kind of resistant fear rising up within yourself, then you could be a victim of unworthiness.
  • Impotency. If you find that you are having difficulty rising to the occasion in situations-- at home or at work, for example, when opportunities arise for you to jump in and be a significant contributor to a cause, and you find that you are unable to make it happen... and honestly speaking, if you are feeling sexually or creatively impotent or frigid, then you are probably dealing with unworthiness at your core.
  • Limitation. If you sense limitation in yourself (for example, you have the feeling or the thought, 'I can't do it,' then you are definitely suffering from unworthiness.
  • Ego. If your ego drives you-- runs your mind, drives your thoughts, makes your decisions and determines your actions... and if you feel somehow separated from the Divine, then you are under the thumb of unworthiness.
  • Blame. You find yourself pointing the finger and blaming other people or circumstances for the things you don't like in your life... and even if you point your finger at yourself, taking on full responsibility for what is wrong. If you have a quick trigger to blame or you feel compelled to make excuses for why you did or didn't do something, then you are a victim of unworthiness.
  • Inner Criticism. You find yourself held back by a voice in your head that consistently halts you from taking action because of... well, because of any reason-- you're not ready, you aren't good enough, you are doubtful, you are flawed, you are not trustworthy. This is your inner critic and it keeps you in a prison of unworthiness.
  • Inadequacy. You consistently fall short of your goals and suffer from inadequacies (time, money, support, for example.) Or you have the feeling of not being enough of something-- not sexy enough, not thin enough, not smart enough, you are suffering from inadequacy and in the prison of unworthiness.
  • Powerlessness. You feel helpless to make changes in your life, you feel like you are the victim of something greater than yourself, you feel hopeless and powerless. You are totally cut from your power and you are definitely in a prison of unworthiness.
  • Irresponsibility. You don't take responsibility for your dreams. You don't stand up for your inner child. You let yourself fall victim to your own negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. You won't take a stand for your Divinity. If this is you, then you are suffering in the prison of unworthiness.
  • Illegitimacy. If you find yourself always on the outside of success and you feel fraudulent, like you don't have any Divine Rights or Divine Inheritance. You don't belong to a powerful Soul Family and you feel like the bastard of the Universe. Then you are definitely in the prison of unworthiness.
  • Shame. If you carry yourself without care and you neglect yourself; you treat yourself like you don't matter. Your happiness and well-being comes after everyone else's because you don't deserve... Then you are deep in the prison of unworthiness.
  • Unforgivingness. You carry a grudge against the past, your circumstances, your abusers and those who denied you. You carry the grudge and you let those past abuses stop you from thriving in the now. You've done nothing to overcome the past limitations. Then you're in the prison of unworthiness.

Like a weed in a garden, unworthiness flourishes below the surface of your consciousness and strangles off the nutrients and energy that should be feeding all your beautiful flowers.

These 12 jailers are descendants of unworthiness and they are constantly on duty making sure your heart stays securely locked in this prison. The jailers don't let in your prison cell anything that is valuable to the heart, and nothing that the heart creates can get out. If you study your life and practice self-awareness, you'll notice that each jailer gives you very clear signals that warn you of their presence. For example, when the jailer Inner Criticism is on duty, you might notice that you are suffering in a state of indecision as fear of criticism holds you back from taking a risk on your inspiration. Or perhaps you notice that every time you have to do something that requires you to interact with the authorities (such as filing your taxes, securing official documents, applying for business licenses, trademarking your ideas) you find that the jailer illegitimacy gives you strong resistance and stops you from moving forward.

Your first step is to have the awareness to know what is happening inside your mind and body. You have to spend regular, consistent time silencing your mind, feeling your feelings and recognizing the mindset you are in. And this is the root of what Butterfly Badassery is all about: Having tremendous presence within your being, mastering your emotions and mastering your mind.

In order to do this, you have to stand up to the 12 jailers and take back your authority from unworthiness.

You have to look the jailer, Shame, in the face and not turn away. You gotta be present with Inadequacy and not hide from it by overcompensating. You have to confront prison guard Illegitimacy, by confronting those areas where you are out of integrity. A Badass Butterfly is truly Badass not by her feats of brute strength but by her ability to stand with dignity and integrity in the eye of the storm of challenging circumstances.

To become a Badass Butterfly, you have to stand up to each and every one of unworthiness' henchmen. Only then can you truly jailbreak your heart from the prison of unworthiness.


Want to learn more? Ready to enroll?

You can continue reading to learn more about the program curriculum and my Badass Butterfly Philosophy below or you can book in to talk to me first-hand. This initial conversation is important for helping you have the clarity you need to make a good decision. I can't wait to talk to you!



Meet your Spiritual Life Coach, a real Badass Butterfly...

My name is Crystal Lynn Bell and I am going to jailbreak you from your inner prison of unworthiness! It my job to help you become BADASS in your heart and mind so that you can pursue your Divine Life Purpose.

I call myself the Badass Butterfly because I had been a caterpillar living an earthbound life, believing the illusion of disempowerment. But I got called to my Divine Life Purpose and I went deep inside my being and transformed. I was in the prison of unworthiness, but by confronting my demons, I set myself free. And now I am thriving my life in Italy, learning to speak Italian, diving into the culture, dragon boat training on the river Arno with my friends, training for the Paris Marathon in April 2020 (woot!), writing my book and helping my sister Badass Butterflies break free from unworthiness by following the Moon.

In my Jailbreak Your Heart and Howl at the Moon: Authority Training for Badass Butterflies program, I will help you access your Soul’s Wisdom by breaking through the interference from the limiting beliefs, disempowered thoughts and heavy emotions that come from unworthiness. I'm going to help you find your magnificence.

This is a healing program and a manifestation program.

With your heart and Soul free from the prison of unworthiness, you can pursue your Divine Life Purpose and create meaningful adventures here on Earth, such as starting a business, writing your book, traveling the world, transforming your body, deepening your connection to Spirit and pursuing your most Badass dreams.


Ready when you are! To enroll in Jailbreak Your Heart and Howl at the Moon:

You can continue reading to learn more about the program curriculum and my Badass Butterfly Philosophy below or you can book in to talk to me first-hand. This initial conversation is important for helping you have the clarity you need to make a good decision. I can't wait to talk to you!


Your Six Immediate Core Benefits

The Butterfly Effect says that something as small as the fluttering of a butterfly's wings can cause a typhoon on the other side of the world. I'm going to train you to be that butterfly... but with the effect of Unconditional Love.

In this coaching program, you are fully supported as you dive deep into healing and reconciling your beliefs, your emotions, your thoughts and your actions with your greatest potential, your inner Badass Butterfly. When you begin to make changes in your mind, you will immediately send a vibration of change into your three-dimensional reality. You will start to see dramatic shifts in a few key areas of your life:

  • Fall in Love with YourSelf. One of the first things you'll notice as you do this work is a major improvement in your relationship with your own self. This your most important relationship and it is the foundation for everything you experience in this lifetime. You will learn the true meaning of Unconditional Self-Love.
  • Improved Relationships. All of your relationships are going to elevate-- family, friends, at work and at home. As you break out of the prison of unworthiness, the world MUST respond to you differently. This is the Law of Attraction and the work we do in this program creates harmony inside of you, which translates to harmony in your environment.
  • Improvements in Your Income, Finances and Wealth. As you come to find your true value, you will start to notice improvements in the way you feel, the way you think and the decisions you make on a daily basis. How you value yourself is already being reflected in the world around you. Any improvements you make inside yourself will also be reflected in your bank accounts.
  • Deep Feelings of Connection and Belonging. Leaps and bounds in your feeling of connectedness. Your ability to express yourself is super important to feeling connected, valuable and appreciated and one of the things that quickly happens when you break out of the unworthiness mindset is that your communication improves. Where you were hindered before by fear, self-doubt or small thinking, you will find your throat chakra opening and your desire to lovingly express your truth more expansive.
  • Bigger, Better and More Badass Contributions. What you offer the world in the form of your vocation, art, career or job is greatly impacted by your relationship with unworthiness. By doing this work, you will quickly notice how things start to shift for you in this sector.
  • True Peace and Happiness. Your ability to receive and take pleasure makes life joyful and worth living or uncomfortable and time-biding. As you dive deep into this healing journey, your ability and willingness to take in pleasure increases. This is beyond happiness actually. This is Divine Connection.

Your Heart is Badass

It is my belief that the human heart is the source of infinite creativity. While the brain is undeniably a powerful processor of information, its power to create reality pales in comparison to the electromagnetic power and the natural wisdom of the heart. The heart is the first organ to develop in an embryo but it is not merely the fuel pump of the body. The heart has power that extends beyond the physical. Science has learned that the heart’s magnetism is 5000 times stronger than the brain's and the heart amplifies its electrical charge at more than 60 times that of the brain.

Beloved Butterfly, to THRIVE your life, you must jailbreak your heart from the prison of unworthiness.

In order to jailbreak your heart from the prison of unworthiness you must change your mindset from unworthiness to Badassery. You must make a choice to reach for your greatest potential and own it. You must decide to transform from caterpillar to Badass Butterfly.

The thing is, friend, your mindset is the one thing under your direct control. You can’t control what other people think, feel or do just like you can’t control the weather. But you can control what YOU believe, what YOU think, how YOU feel and the decisions YOU make. This is at the essence of the Badass Butterfly. RESPONSIBILITY.

You have to take responsibility for your unworthy mindset and you have to take responsibility to live your Higher Purpose.

Unworthiness is the source of all the excuses we use to keep ourselves small. It’s the reason why we stay in situations that don’t inspire us to be our best—whether it’s work, intimacy, health, income or home. Unworthiness is the crutch we use so we don't have to take responsibility to make real our magnificent dreams.

Essentially, when you let unworthy beliefs rule your mind, you're giving your power to discern and to make choices for yourself to unworthiness. When you give away your power to something, you become a slave to that thing. You become its prisoner. So when you believe that you, a Divine expression of Source Energy, are unworthy in any way, you are denying your Divine Birthright and entering into that prison of unworthiness.

This is a Law of Attraction Universe. What happens in the material world must reflect the mindset we serve. So in order to have a beautiful Badass life that expresses your greatest potential and that follows your Higher Purpose, you’ve gotta change your mindset from unworthy prisoner to Badass Butterfly.

So now, Dear Badass-Butterfly-in-Training, you know my opinion about unworthiness-- that it keeps us safe and small. And you've had an introduction to the Jailers of Unworthiness that keep your heart in the prison. But are you truly ready to do the work necessary to jailbreak your heart?

How the Jailbreak Your Heart and Howl at the Moon Program Works...

The program begins officially on October 13, 2019 with the Full Moon in Aries. But you can join the program at any point and simply start where the Moon is currently stationed. Hahaha! Actually, we have no choice because the Moon waits for no one!

Over the course of the entire program, the Sun and the Moon will act as the backdrop for our work. As they travel through the zodiac, they illuminate all the most important sectors of our lives. For example, our creativity, our sexuality, our career, our family, our intimate relationships, relationship with money, our Divine Life Purpose, our networks and, of course, our connection to God/Goddess/Source of All. These are just some of the spectacular opportunities we will be enjoying throughout this program! Because I am totally in tune with these movements, I am gearing our healing and transformation curriculum to meet those opportunities as they arise.

Jailbreak Your Heart and Howl at the Moon is designed for the Badass Butterfly who is ready to take on an intense self-healing journey to confront the 12 Prison Guards of Unworthiness and jailbreak their heart while they make vast improvements in the areas where the Sun and Moon are currently stationed.

As each prison guard is confronted, a pathway of light is opened for the heart to breathe and express the Soul’s Divine Life Purpose. As you move through each of the prison guards, more and more light enters your consciousness and your beliefs, thoughts, decisions and actions move from unworthiness to Joy, Power, Peace, Trust and Unconditional Love. The more work you do, the more Badass you become.

Because the program is designed to heal and repair your mindset on a deep level, we go slowly and we take our time trusting that our Soul and Higher Self are guiding us every step of the way.

With each Full Moon, we work with one prisoner of unworthiness. The Full Moon is the best time to work with your Shadow because you can already feel it and see it in action. Our work with each of the jailers is deep and transformational. During the month, we explore the role the jailer plays in our lives. We learn how it has affected us in the past and we study where it is exerting influence in our lives currently. Then we do a course of shadow work exercises and healing practices to help us confront the jailer and see how it is contributing to our state of unworthiness.

Also we use the positive energy of the New Moon to tune into our heart and see what we desire in our Soul. This is where we give birth to our Badass Butterfly. We chip away at the walls of unworthiness by confronting the jailers and we nourish our Badass Butterfly by getting clear about our Divine Life Purpose.

We are going to be meeting these healing and manifesting opportunities with a whole toolkit of healing (for your past wounds) and creation (for your Badass future) about which I am going to be teaching you throughout the program. Included in my toolkit is Shadow work, deep emotional submersion, Emotional Trigger Therapy, Soul Work and, of course, intuition training. You will even have an opportunity to try Reiki. And yes, yes, YES: Moon Ritual and plenty of astrology learning are at the forefront of this program.
Here are the five basic processes we use in the program...

Process 1 Dive into a Fearless Self Assessment: In this series of exercise and activities, we journey through our memories and we observe the jailers as they interacted with us as children. Those early years are important as that was where our core personality was established. This process will help us explore and assess what belief systems the jailers created in us and what thought patterns began in our early years.

Process 2 Uncover and Transform Limiting Beliefs: In these exercises and activities, we explore the limiting beliefs that are active in our current adult self and we explore if they are serving us or not. Those that serve us, we keep. Those that don’t serve us, we lovingly release and replace with more powerful (yes, Badass) beliefs.

Process 3 Stop and Refocus Negative Thinking: This series of exercises and activities will have you become aware of your thoughts and finding any negative patterns that reflect unworthiness and its 12 jailers. We will get to the root causes that are driving the negative thinking and then we will take a healthy and realistic approach to changing your thoughts. But don't think that this is just about 'positive thinking.' NO! We don't just try to pull positive thoughts into the prison of unworthiness. The jailers won't let us! Instead, we do our inner work to confront unworthiness and our negative thoughts will move naturally to empowerment.

Process 4 Discharge and Release Disempowered Feelings: The Jailers of Unworthiness cause all sorts of emotional upheaval in us and so to jailbreak your heart, you have to master your emotions. Also, how you feel is one of the key determiners of what you manifest. So in this program, we do some powerful exercises and activities to help you feel your feelings and balance your emotions.

Process 5 Recognize and Diffuse Impoverished Decisions: In these exercises, we are going to explore your decisions and find out their true source. Very often our decisions are made from our subconscious beliefs, thoughts and feelings, which are founded in unworthiness. The more work we do to understand ourselves wholly in this program the better will be the foundation for our decisions in the future. In this module we get clear on our motivations and set intentions for empowered decisions… Badass decisions.

In any given Moon phase, you will use any of the processes to work with the jailer. Some months you will use just one process and dive deeply into it. But others, you might find that you use them all. For this work, your inner Badass Butterfly is activated and is guiding you to help you set her free. So rather than trying to force yourself into some rigid program, we let the Badass Butterfly speak her wishes and her needs. This is really important because in order to defeat unworthiness, you have to forget unworthiness’ voice and start hearing your own true voice. Your Badass Butterfly speaks a different language than what you’re used to hearing. Unworthiness speaks the language of anger, criticism, mistrust, doubt, lack control and fear. Your Badass Butterfly speaks the language of Trust and Surrender. This language might be foreign to you. But don’t worry, you’ll learn it.


Are you ready to rock and roll? To enroll in Jailbreak Your Heart and Howl at the Moon:

You can continue reading to learn more about the program curriculum and my Badass Butterfly Philosophy below or you can book in to talk to me first-hand. This initial conversation is important for helping you have the clarity you need to make a good decision. I can't wait to talk to you!


About Your Badass Butterfly Coach

Spiritual. Traveler. Entrepreneurial. Badass.

My name is Crystal Lynn Bell and I am the Badass Butterfly. I once lived my life as a caterpillar, rambunctiously munching her way through the garden of life. Let me be honest and straightforward with you. Mine was not an easy journey. My mind had my heart locked in a prison of unworthiness and I found myself trying to live creatively but always falling short in my endeavors. I couldn't follow through with my ideas, I lacked tenacity, focus, clarity and the ability to handle all the small details one needs to make a true success of things. More than anything though, I was plagued by underlying feelings of inadequacy. Inside me was a raging unworthiness that clouded every single thing I put my hand to. I had wonderful dreams in my heart but my successes were plagued by my inner demons that were enemies to my own magnificence. I could not manifest my heart’s desires because my heart was a prisoner of my mind’s belief in my unworthiness.

Thankfully, I got a big wake-up call from a hard slap in the face. I had hit rock bottom, friend. I had no money, no business, no home, no friends, no family and no energy. And this was NOT the first time I had been in this situation. I looked at the life I had created and I had no one to blame-- not even myself. In that moment of deep despair, I had to confront my inner demon of blame and in doing so, I awakened to the responsibility I had to my own right to a magnificent life. I could no longer allow myself to be a half-assed half woman. My old unworthy self was dying and something powerful was awakening. This awakening had me confront unworthiness, not by taking action in the outside world (for example working harder, winning praise and doing good deeds,) but by confronting my own inner demons, like blame, that were holding me in this prison of unworthiness. These inner demons were like jailers that were blocking the creative power of my heart. I confronted those aggressive jailers and in doing so, I forged a new relationship with myself and with life. I found myself becoming Badass.

I started understanding my needs at a deep level and meeting those needs with compassion. I began to slow down and I stopped trying to force things to happen. I began conversing intensely with my Spiritual Guidance Team and putting my Soul's Agenda ahead of my ego's agenda. Wow. Did things ever change! As soon as I started confronting those angry jailers that were imprisoning my heart, ALL of my relationships improved-- romantic, friendly, family; I restructured my business and it started bringing in consistent, exciting income, my living conditions became magical, I integrated with my community instead of being a satellite outside the community, I lost 15 pounds without dieting or exercise (my eating just shifted on its own) and I found myself surrounded by love everywhere I went.

As I started to confront those jailers that were imprisoning my heart, I was basically standing up to my own inner bully. We all have an inner bully-- a dominant self that tries to hold us in line to some idea that is not truly natural to us, but that feels natural because we have worn it for so long. My inner bully was unworthiness. And it had infiltrated my entire being for so long that I thought it was real. When the Badass Butterfly inside me awakened, I had to confront all the henchmen of unworthiness before my Badass Butterfly could truly emerge. Some of the henchmen of unworthiness are blame, fear, shame, inadequacy, criticism, limitation and unwillingess to forgive. There are 12 jailers all together which seems like a lot. But the fact is that I started feeling much more grounded and powerful the moment I tackled the first one. It's like by confronting just one of these jailers opened up a pathway so that a branch of my heart could reach out into the world without being hindered. It started calling in lots of positive energy like hope, inspiration and trust. As I took on more jailers, more paths of light opened in my heart and pretty soon, I was just glowing. I couldn't stop smiling.

And now, I am living in Florence, Italy, which is one of my heart's biggest dreams. I have a beautiful home, my business is thriving, my health is tops and romance is all around me... and I have a dog, Apollo! He is AWESOME!

Oh! And I am writing a book called Jailbreak Your Heart and Howl at the Moon. If you want to be kept abreast of its progress, then please sign up to get updates. Badass Butterfly has awakened, y'all! She is alive and well and living her best life in Italy.

I am honored to guide you along the path of your own Butterfly Badassery-- to help you seize your greatest potential and spread your Badass Butterfly wings.


Let's do this! To enroll in Jailbreak Your Heart and Howl at the Moon:

You can continue reading to learn more about the program curriculum and my Badass Butterfly Philosophy below or you can book in to talk to me first-hand. This initial conversation is important for helping you have the clarity you need to make a good decision. I can't wait to talk to you!


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You can start this program whenever you want, but right now it begins with the Full Moon in Aries on October 13, 2019!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

This course is closed for enrollment.