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Hi, I'm Crystal Lynn Bell! This photo was taken in the Catalonian Pyrenees. I had a strong calling to go to Spain in 2016 and so I followed my heart and found myself at the Centre d'Art i Natura, an exquisite mountain artist's retreat center in Farrera. I was truly happy for the three months I was there and I look forward to going back for an extended amount of time.

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Hello, Beloved Heart-Centered Entrepreneur and welcome to the Planting Your Prosperity Garden program!

Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs differ from traditional entrepreneurs in that we tend to be empathic and sensitive very often absorbing the moods and anxieties from the environment around us.  Although I believe that we are all empathic beings, I do believe that other folks have stronger defenses against these things AND they have a higher tolerance for bullshit. But actually, I’m not even altogether sure about this because many folks suffer from illnesses and diseases of the Spirit and of the body which are exacerbated and even caused by psychic toxins.  So I guess I should say that we are all empathic beings and most people are in denial as they suppress and repress toxicity while their bodies bear the burden of it.

In my humble perspective, the heart-centered entrepreneur is a conscious awakening being who needs to work differently than other folks. 4-Hour Work Week author Tim Ferris is as empathic as he is successful and he has a rigorous morning practice that aligns him with Spirit mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically. While I have never heard him label himself as an empath, his story is rich with the woundings of the empathic Soul and I have heard him say that he becomes shit when he loses touch with his practice. Whether you believe in his philosophies and methodologies or not, his ability to get things done and be effective in the three-dimensional world despite his tremendous sensitivity is inspiring.

What I want to do in this Planting Your Prosperity Garden program is give you, the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, an inspired system that you can use to help you nurture and protect your sensitivity while you effectively take actions in the three-dimensional world. It seems to me that a relationship with yourself is the starting point and key to embracing the blessing of the sensitive heart and the creativity of an entrepreneurial spirit. 

You, beloved Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, are a channel for the Divine.  You are uniquely poised to consciously unite the spiritual with the material-- like an alchemist, a high priestess, or a shaman.The key word is conscious, which is a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because you get to see the beauty of the Spirit world.  A curse because the more you know about the Spirit world, the more responsibility you must take... and you must bear the burden of knowing.  This is the curse of Eve.  She wanted to know, so she ate the fruit.  Then she was like, “Damn!  I’m naked!  OMG.  I’ve been walking around naked all this time?  Why didn’t anybody tell me?”  Ignorance is bliss.  My other example comes from my favorite movie The Matrix (yes, AGAIN with The Matrix!) Do you remember Cypher?  He’s the guy who was in the real world with Morpheus’ crew but he made a deal to betray them all to Mr. Smith because he preferred the safety of ignorance.  I’m telling you-- ignorance is bliss!  

For whatever reason, you and I decided to come to Earth with an innate consciousness of our connection to God/Goddess/Source of All.  I don’t care why we did it.  I just know that we are stuck with it because we cannot unsee what has been revealed to us and I don’t know about you, but I don’t actually want to crawl back to Plato’s cave wall.  I like being in the real world dealing with life as it really is, living in the light.  And yes, with this privileged knowing comes great responsibility and isn’t it time to grow up and put on my big girl panties?  Well, yes.  Of course.  And I do.  I am a Badass Butterfly after all.    

So how does a Badass Butterfly who is also a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur develop a deep, meaningful AND PRACTICAL relationship with the unseen Spirit world?  How does she empower her intuition, access the subtle mysteries of the Divine Feminine and bring all that beautiful transformational wisdom to the three-dimensional world and create meaningful value for the people she desires to serve? That’s what we’ll be exploring a bit in this program and a whole lot more in my You Lead! Intuitive Business Development for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

This group is an outstanding place for sensitive entrepreneurs to gather and share their experiences. This program, in fact, was created especially for them. So you are totally encouraged to go there and join us and share yourself. Entry to the group is free, but it does require you to complete an application. It's nothing complicated! It's just a really effective way to make sure that the participation in the group remains high and that I get to know every member individually. My Soul desires to connect with people in a real way and my group makes it easy. ALSO, I do a livestream there every Sunday at 7:00am PST. You can watch that live in the group and you are invited to join it as part of this program, too. So I hope you will!

Here's the application. Please fill it out and then go to the Facebook group and join. I'll review your application and get you started in the group right away.



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